Introduction for Canadian Citizen Professional Athletes

I have chosen to focus my activities here because as a member of both the professional athlete and relocated Canadian citizen fraternity, I feel a duty to share my unique knowledge and experience with the young athletes who must deal with this same complex scenario. I know first-hand the sacrifice that athletes endure to make it in professional sports and I know first-hand the complexities of Can / US cross-border financial issues. As a former professional athlete, I have a clear understanding of the professional athlete lifestyle and culture. I have used the knowledge gained from my fourteen years as a pro and my experience gathered from time in the financial industry in both the US and Canada, to create a systematic asset management procedure designed exclusively for today's Canadian citizen professional athlete, who plays his sport in the US. This financial procedure is based on a very simple philosophy - "The Elimination of Potential Financial Problems". This is done through sound cross-border financial planning, conservative investing with a focus on minimizing taxation and fees, and wealth protection through insurance and cross-border estate planning.

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