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Financial Services Relationship

If you are going to hire a Financial Advisor independently of your agent, there are some things you will need to know about the financial topic. The first is "How the Financial Business Works". The following is a brief description of the components and roles of a Financial Services Relationship.

The Professional Athlete Client - The Professional Athlete Client Provides financial capital, personal opinions about money, financial goals, and risk tolerance.

The Financial Advisor - Ray Elgaard of Hall of Fame Financial Strategies provides personal financial service to a client. This should include the following:

  1. General financial guidance, counsel and education
  2. Creation, implementation and maintenance of a financial plan, a cash management system, and investment plans
  3. Access to, and research, data and opinions on, available financial products.

The Financial Firm - LPL Financial (LPL) provides the financial products and services required to implement the systems and plans. The financial firm also provides asset custodianship, regulatory oversight, financial tools and services, investment product inventory, and record-keeping.

Client and Financial Advisor work together to navigate financial industry. Advisor brings knowledge and experience, and client brings money and opinions. Advisor uses financial firm's tools, services and products to investigate and implement agreed upon strategies.